Artist Jessica Brilli is bringing her current project “Slideshow” to Estia’s in Darien

“Slideshow” will be on display in the dining room at Estia’s in Darien

from Wednesday,  April 1 through Wednesday July 8.

Jessica Brilli of Quincy, Massachusetts, is a painter with a BFA from the University of Rhode Island. Her project “Slideshow” is a series of paintings that combines American Realism with Appropriation Art.

Jessica Brilli’s current project—titled “Slideshow”—is a collection of paintings inspired by slides found at yard sales and in basements in New York and Massachusetts. Jessica sees the project as a way to give new life to images that were almost lost forever.
Jessica Brilli Art - Porch

Jessica Brilli art

Jessica Brilli - Fine Artist

All of Ms. Brilli’s paintings are available for sale and can be purchased at Estia’s Back Porch Cafe, 1020 Post Rd. in Darien.