Darien Athletic Foundation Exhibit

Darien Athletic FoundationThis exhibit of photographs is courtesy of the Darien Athletic Foundation, fitting with its mission of celebrating and supporting Darien athletics. Since its founding in 2012, DAF volunteers have shot over a half a million photos and have curated and placed over 60,000 into the DAF photo archives, viewable at www.darienaf.com. The photos have been viewed over ten million times.

Recently, DAF created a live broadcasting network called DAF Media, which live streams sporting events as well events in the arts and sciences over DAF Media’s YouTube channel where the videos are archived. DAF Media’s goal is to become the “PBS” of Darien.

The DAF designed and funded the recent renovations of the athletic fields at Darien High School, which are used by both youth and high school sports. The renovations included making several fields into all weather multi-purpose fields, a new multimedia scoreboard, a pavilion and permanent lights for the stadium. Darien is only the second high school in the state with environmentally friendly LED stadium lights.

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The Darien Athletic Foundation prints you see at Estia’s Cafe
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Darien High School and are active coaches in Darien youth sports.