Harbor Gallery Artwork on Display

OPEN HOUSE at Estia’s Cafe
on Sunday, December 10 from 3-5pm

Harbor Gallery located at 151 Rowayton Avenue, was established in 2003 by David Wenger and has presented Rowayton and surrounding towns with fine marine art for 17 years. With the addition of Elizabeth Bertang, Gallery Director, and Karen Dodge, Gallerist and Curator, Harbor Gallery continues to present both traditional as well as contemporary marine themed art. Questions or inquiries can be sent to harborgalleryct@gmail.com.

1. Artist Brian Kammerer, long time resident of Fairfield county, is a current resident of Rowayton with his wife Glenda. By trade, a commercial illustrator as well as film maker, Brian’s life is “all about expressing my interests and passions in any conceivable form and medium.” Brian loves to paint and animate what he loves most, and his paintings speak to beachcombers, sailors, sandcastle builders, boaters and anyone who enjoys the beach and sea coast. Brian Kammerer’s works are part of many commercial and private collections throughout the United States.

2. Fernanda, using her first name only and known in the art world as Fer, hails originally from Spain where she amassed quite a following. Her boldly textural and colorful oils draw from the images and experiences of her home country. Her subject matter varies from seascapes, to cityscapes, and even children’s illustrations. In her free time Fer enjoys spending time with her new husband in her new hometown of Charleston, SC.

3. Whether it’s landscape or portraiture, Pieter Lefferts art is a colorful exploration of the play of light in the play of life, meaningfully captured in paint. His artistic background combines extensive color theory study with an academic foundation acquired at the Art Students League of New York. “My training is invaluable to me. It is the foundation for me to explore the multitude of ways I can approach my materials. It becomes the departure point for how I choose to interpret my subjects. As a result my process becomes deeper and I feel I am grasping life beyond appearances.”

4. Patti Kane is an intuitive artist driven to bring her passion for vibrant soulful works of art to discerning art collectors. Through the use of vivid color, texture and impulsive strokes she strives to capture the magic of light and the energy of nature onto her canvas.

5. Frauke Klatt first had the idea of very light paintings on used sails made of Dacron. The structure and wear of the material are incorporated in the paintings and create a very special patina. In 1997 she exhibited the first of these paintings that created this new technique. You can feel the splash of the water, wind and movement; the viewer feels like part of the scenery. Frauke’s paintings are not realistic; she wants to reproduce the impression of a moment, the things you remember after opening you eyes only for a second. Her paintings and commissioned work hang in homes and offices of sailing enthusiasts as far away as Japan and New Zealand. Other paintings are sailing around the world on yachts or are part of the interior of hotels, offices and banks. Frauke’s studio is in Lubeck-Travemunde, Germany on the Baltic Sea.

6. George Phelps is a contemporary professional photographer living and working in Rochester, NY. George is “obsessed with light…The way it moves, the way it bends, the way it transforms. Ordinary objects take on extraordinary presence.” Currently, George’s projects include private commissions, event photography, and a complex series of photographic art work. Despite being landlocked in Rochester, George’s favorite subject is the sea – capturing the essence of the intricate natural world that washes upon the shore.