Vicki French Smith @ Estia’s Cafe

The show is on display from September 4
through October.

Artist’s Statement:

Creating movement and texture in my paintings take me to places I like to be. Water and skies have been my passion. I seek to create dramatic emotion by using techniques of complimentary colors, soft and hard edges, a variety of brushes, palette knives, squeegees, glazes and molding paste.

I focus on nature, painting landscapes, seascapes and skies, and then like to catch the drama of city scenes. Recently, painting on aluminum has given me the luminosity and vibrant colors as the surface comes through. This has worked well in painting my sailboat, water and New York City series. I paint in watercolor, oil and acrylics and like to experience the different mediums. Composition comes first, as I eagerly start swimming through color, value, textures and balance of movement. Painting for over thirty years, and having taught students and adults, has given me inspiration by sharing our visions and experiences.

Painting and photography has opened a new world to me. I see things through new eyes. Photography captures the memory and painting lets me relive the experiences of my travels through recreating, reinterpreting and reinventing all the places I love!